Day of Wrath – The First CD (Digital Download – flac format)

The composer and pianist Bogdan Ota released his first album on 11thof October 2012 in Botosani, Romania.

 Many thanks to the partners and sponsors and to all who were involved in this huge project!
“There are no accidents, only paths to follow…”
Thank you God!
1. Black Friday
2. Mourning
3. Day of Wrath
4. Story of My Life
5. Glimpse of Happiness
6. Solitude
7. Harald’s Dream
8. Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra
9. Reverie
10. A Dream Within a Dream
11. Sahara
Produced by ELECTRECORD;
Music composed, orchestrated and arranged by Bogdan Ota;
Scores edited by Bogdan Chirosca;
Mastering by Audio Mastering Services-Passau, Germany;
Mastering engineer -Chris Bauer;
Design by
Photo by Johannes Granseth
Special thanks to Nordic Sonata Orchestra for their invaluable help.