“Each piece of music found on Day of Wrath is full of emotion and tells a story.  This is more than just instrumental music that can play idly in the background.  Bogdan Ota has created a masterpiece of sound that fills your ears with breathtaking beauty.  This is music that you can’t forget once you’ve heard it, and once you’ve heard it, you’ll want to play it again and again.”
Andrea Guy, music reviewer at Mossip
“Bogdan Ota is a composer in rarified air.  He moves with a musical deftness and understanding of compositional structure that is not often found.  Soaring and emotive themes lay down beside quiet passages as if all were of the same water and molded together.  Day of Wrath makes one thing very clear:  Any discussion about a natural successor to John Williams is incomplete without considering the name of Bogdan Ota”
Wildy Haskell, editor at Wildy’s World and reviewer at
“While this disc is hard to pin down, it’s also brilliant.  It wouldn’t be out of the question to call it a masterpiece.  It’s that good.  Frankly, one needs to be a fan of instrumental music to enjoy this album, but it really does capture the listener and make it hard to ignore the music.  This is an exceptional set
G. W. Hill, writer at All Music Guide, and chief editor at Music Street Journal
“Bogdan Ota, manages to reinvent the classical, new age, and pop genres. The combination of neo-classical and contemporary elements successfully bridges the gap between the history and future of popular music. The frenzied mix of strings, percussion, piano, and other assorted instruments create an impressive result that is difficult to ignore. The meandering piano melody is a thing of beauty.  This is a fine recording.  Bring on the wrath!” 
Matthew Forss, music journalist for the Edmonton, Canada-based Inside World Music
“Some musicians make pop or rock music before ever trying their hand at creating soundtrack compositions. Ota, on the other hand, sounds destined to be a movie music creator. Ota is onetalented and accomplished recording artist 
Dan MacIntosh, writer and professional music journalist