“Bogdan I got my CD today. It’s magical and some of your piece moves me to tears. Listening to Story of my life on a good system instead of the computer is a heavenly experience. I also listen to Mourning for the first time and totally loved it.” (Pauline Chartrand – Ontario, Canada)

“I discovered you and your music recently, but it took me on a journey. On an incredible journey. All I have to say is that you are a genius. Your melodies are just incredible and make me really sensitive. It is full of emotions. YOU, sir, are a real composer. … I really wanted to congratulate you and show you how your music is incredible! I wish you all the best. Big support from France. (Ruben – Paris, France)

Greetings from Brazil! To me you’re the treasure from the classic to the new generations! Congratulations! (Nando Av’lis – Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Bogdan, you are truly a great pianist and composer. Once I’ve heard you play on the Norway talent, I knew that you’re going to the very top. I think your boss is a great person, for believing in you and giving you an opportunity to attend the competition in Norway. I hope that one day you will perform in Austin, Texas, where we can enjoy your performance live. (Nerses Papoyan – Austin, Texas)

Bogdan, if you really read this.. make sure u will be second Beethoven.. or surpass him if necessary.. the real world is cruel than ever when you get known.. this is your Malaysian fan.. 🙂 . (Zamer Nawawi – Malaysia)

The taste of your music it’s unique (sorry if I write wrong, I’m from Argentina and my english it’s quite forgotten). But I mean that, I never listen a classical music with such taste as yours, I love the way that you combine the piano and the orquesta, every single note has its own spot, and every note make an unique world in the songs, Congratulations! at least, in Argentina, you’ve got someone that love your music!! (Valentín Mijoevich – Argentina)

The best piano player and composer of modern times…it was really a very long time to hear so wonderful original compositions.there is no one from modern lot of pianists and composers who can beat this…long live bogdan…your name will be remembered in par with all time greats mozart and beethoven for original compositions…great work…all wishes and praises from me to you…long live BOGDAN… (Dr Akshay Jadhav – Bijapur, Karnataka)

I am from Chihuahua, Mexico and I just heard your music. Bogdan you have just became my muscical hero, I can only aspire to play half as good as you do and that would be wonderfull, Your dream and you music has almost made me cry. I hope some day you come to my home city or at least country and be assured I will go to hear your music. Thank you, you have just gave me hope to achive my own dreams. You are a dreamer, a Genious and a hero (CFrosty Murillo) (Carlos – Chihuahua, Mexico)

In these times of great social uncertainty that we all live because of this crisis of values and identity politics that gave rise to our loss of citizenship, here comes a pleasant surprise and a talent that helps us to minimize our weaknesses social, individual and family. The story of his life described in his beautiful music fills us with a good will without limits. Its genius is something that will confine immortality of men. Bogdan, you’re part of our lives. Defines something that is heard and never forgotten because their presence becomes a constant presence and constantly ongoing. It’s part of me. I love your musical deity. For me it is beside the greatest masters of music in world history ever. With a difference, you have the pleasure of witnessing his presence, with my life. (Jorge Goncalves – Portugal)