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“Chronos - The Master of Time” and what inspired me to write the song

I was always fascinated and scared by Time. Since I was a little boy I would stare at the clock and wonder when it will stop…like for good. In my music the elements of time and cosmos are maybe the most important ones.

I am a Taurus with Scorpio rising. Obviously I always felt an attraction towards the occult, hidden things, underworld, parallel worlds, time vs life, religion, philosophy, magic, divination, death, eternal love and the list will continue probably as long as my years of study and research. I belong in the Romanticism not in the 21st Century. Yes, I admit it.

Time was always my most intriguing enemy, even though many times it healed my wounds and worked in my favor. I always felt like I am trying to beat the clock and I always realize that I lose at this game.

When I got my hands on a Greek mythology book with all those beautiful, kind or mean gods I felt an incredible attraction towards two of them: Chronos and Hades. Hades, the god of the underworld, was the first-born son of the Titans Chronos and Rhea. Hades was the last son regurgitated by his father. But why did Chronos swallow his children in the first place? Well, Chronos represents an incredible force, the destructive ravages of time which consumed all things. This Titan, the King of Time, devoured the Olympian gods, his children: the past consuming the future, the older generation suppressing the next generation. Later during Renaissance Chronos was associated with Father Time and …SURPRISE: he was wielding the harvesting scythe. Sounds familiar? DEATH?!

I know, I know … there were centuries of debate about Cronus vs Chronos, Titans vs Gods, are they the same, are they different, is the right name Chronos, Cronus, Kronos or Chronus? Well, I am a musician not an expert in Greek mythology. But getting over the long debates regarding the right name of the right god I realized a few interesting things that I would really like to share with you now.

We are born, we grow up, get older and die. Since the conception we have a clock hanging over our head that measures, counts, and it will stop when it is meant to stop. In our world we measure time clockwise: we start at 0:00 and we add one minute, one hour, then two, three and so on. We are adding time in our life until we gather 25, 57, 81, 90 and so on years of age and then our clock would stop and we cease to exist. I repeat: We ADD. We NEVER SUBTRACT.

Well, in my vision while our clocks are adding seconds, minutes, hours, years and so on to everything that exists around us, while another universal clock, the Master Clock is counting counterclockwise.

Time is kind, Time is patient and him, Chronos is waiting. Yes he is waiting for everything. He is checking his clock from time to time and see how much there’s left until the final countdown will end. What’s happening after that with us? Well I don’t know exactly where we go and what we will do but I know for sure that Chronos will set his final countdown for another human being, another plant, animal, planet or galaxy . It’s just a matter of Time.

“Chronos-The Master of Time” is my ode, my praise, my prayer and my repentance. I am grateful for every day when I wake up. I realize that my master clock didn’t reach the 0:00 yet. Thank you Master for your kindness!


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