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What about BOA Media Productions?

Oooops, I did it again! BOA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS LLC is now officially live.

In the last 10 years I've been in touch with so many artists and students that I lost count. I've been blessed to work with so many talented people that taught me valuable lessons on professionalism, artistic vission and why not life and humility. Some of those who walked into my studio asked me to be their producer. After that they asked me to help with masters, then a website, a CD cover, publishing, a video and so on. I got busier and busier, I learned and evolved a lot and I finally decided to create BOA Media Productions LLC and help as many people as possible and get involved more in corporate and individual media productions and consulting.

So yeah, I finally make this official: BOA MEDIA PRODUCTIONS is my new baby. The company is not only creating media content for individuals or corporations, but is also getting involved by consulting and advising on all kinds of media, advertising, broadcasting, image, branding and so on. It is so satisfying to see a small project growing from a simple idea to a larger vision with so many details and implications. And then of course, nothing compares with a satisfied client's smile.

I have to admit that the Covid 19 pandemic helped me reinvent myself and my activities. Canceling a whole bunch of concerts, losing a lot of money, losing family and friends to the creepy virus was more than tough. But in exchange my family, my music and my studio were at hand. So this was the turning point for me and some of my clients and we decided to keep working online by Zooming or Skyping and keep things going no matter what.

Well, that effort paid off. You can imagine that orchestrating and producing music online was not easy. You can imagine what filming videos with various artists in locked down US was like. Thank God I did most of my productions in Idaho that had less restrictions, great outdoors and venues to choose from in order to complete my clients projects.

Now I think we all better take advantage of this peaceful and quite time while we can still roam free in this crazy world and reinvent ourselves, our artist or business identities and get prepared for the future. We are writing our future today and the foundation of it should be rock solid.

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